Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Feature display frame
This frame is used to display the output of processing an image with a specific probe
function. A sample calculation using this frame is given in Fig. 7.17 and was obtained by
the following steps:
FIGURE 7.17: Sample run of the feature display frame.
1. Click Load Image button and select an image.
2. Select features (see Section 7.4 for a list of probe functions).
3. Select probe function
4. Click Display feature.
This chapter has presented details on the NEAR system available for download at (Peters,
2009a). Specifically, it has presented background on near set theory, introduced some
useful features in image processing, and systematically discussed all functions of the NEAR
system. This tool has proved to be vital in the study of near set theory. By design, the
system is modular and easily adaptable, as can be seen by the varied results reported
in (Henry and Peters, 2007; Peters, 2007a,c; Henry and Peters, 2008; Peters, 2008; Peters
and Ramanna, 2009; Peters, 2009b; Henry and Peters, 2009c; Peters and Wasilewski, 2009;
Peters, 2009c, 2010; Hassanien et al., 2009; Henry and Peters, 2009b). Future work will
focus on improvements for measuring image similarity, as well as the ability to compare
images from databases for use in image retrieval.
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