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Figure 2.10 LayerManagerDemo MIDlet
to at least run the example application with the WTK emulator (see
Figure 2.10) so you can see for yourself how these techniques combine
to generate the illusion of motion that is the basis of all games and get
motivated to create your own games using this skeleton code.
This concludes our introduction to the Game API of MIDP 2.0. We
come back to this subject in much more detail in Chapter 8, where
you develop a full, multimedia-rich game application expanded to allow
multiple player, interconnected gaming.
2.4 Non-GUI APIs in MIDP
In this section, we cover in more detail the MIDP APIs not related to
GUI development. Focus here is given to the persistent data, Media,
Networking and Push Registry APIs.
2.4.1 Record Management System
MIDP provides a simple record-based persistent storage mechanism
known as the Record Management System (RMS). It's a package that
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