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Figure 2.3 Java Wireless Toolkit
Example applications: The Wireless Toolkit comes with several
example applications you can use to learn more about programming
with MIDP and many optional API packages.
At the time of writing, the WTK is available in production
releases for Microsoft Windows XP and Linux-x86 (tested with
Ubuntu 6.x). For development, you also require the Java 2 Stan-
dard Edition (Java SE) SDK of at least version 1.5.0, available from .
Check the WTK documentation, installed by default at C: \ WTK2.5.2 \
index.html , for more details on how to use the WTK's facilities for
developing MIDlets. Be sure to have installed both the Java SDK and the
WTK before trying out our example code.
2.2.3 Creating and Running a MIDlet using the WTK
Now that we are all set with the basic tool, let's create our first MIDlet.
The first thing we do is to create a project within the WTK for our new
1. Go to Start Menu, Programs, Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC.
2. Choose Wireless Toolkit and click to start it up.
3. Click on New Project
and enter Hello World into the Project
Name field and example.HelloWorldMIDlet into the MIDlet
Class Name field.
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