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auto-start MIDlets
screen-saver MIDlets
built-in splash screen support in the MIDlet class and JAD file
provisioning and OTA enhancements
CDC as an option for MIDP.
Full details are in the MSA 2.0 and MIDP 3.0 specifications at www. .
Not every desired feature will become available even then (e.g., there
will still not be a standard mapping for all the softkeys), but when a
single phone combines the power of MSA 2.0 and MIDP 3.0, we'll see
some very new Java ME applications. Imagine two concurrent MIDlets
communicating over IMC, using advanced JSRs and sharing libraries
from an installed LIBlet. After both MIDlets exit, the idle-screen MIDlet
launches and is displayed on the home screen. When we can harness
power like this, Java ME will truly have found its place in the sun.
1.11 Summary
In this chapter, we've discussed how mobile phones have changed the
way we look at the world, exchange information and interact with each
other. Never in human history have we faced so many events that affect us
so profoundly over such a short period on a daily basis. Future historians
will draw a line early in the 21st century marking the end of the old world
and the start of something entirely new.
Symbian OS was designed with a long-distance vision for mobile
technology. That vision has proven to be practical and is the key to the
success of Symbian OS within the smartphone market. Java in all its forms
has successfully adapted to a constantly changing landscape for over a
decade, breaking new ground and driving new industries. Hopefully by
now you're convinced that Java ME is uniquely positioned to address the
challenges of the future - not only in the mobile space generally but also
specifically in the Symbian ecosystem.
Whether you are one of the six million existing Java developers or are
going to be number six million and one; whether you are new to the
Symbian ecosystem or already have seniority - we welcome you to Java
ME inside the smartphone model!
In Chapter 2, we go back to basics and discuss the fundamentals of
Java ME MIDP programming. If you're comfortable with the nuts and
bolts of Java ME, you'll probably want to skip that material and turn to
Chapter 3, which describes Java ME on Symbian OS. Either way - let's
get started!
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