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Figure B.7 Running the Presence example: a) Presence2 client and b) Presence client
public void sendMessage(Friend friend) {
console.println("Sending message #" + numOfMessagesSent + " to " +
friend.getUsername(), Console.GREEN);
//send message to friend
friend.sendMessage(" " + numOfMessagesSent);
console.println("Sent all messages. Waiting for reply...",
Sending a message using friend.sendMessage() triggers the
friendChatMessageReceived() event on the receiving end (in our
case, the second instance of the application):
public void friendChatMessageReceived(Friend sender, String message)
console.println("Received message " + message, Console.WHITE);
For more details on using SNAP Mobile Instant Messaging, please refer
to the friendchat.jad and friendchat2.jad applications in the
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