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The Emulation Environment supports multiple game configurations.
Its login functionality simulates user access to the remote SNAP Mobile
Community server. Like the remote development server, the locally
hosted Emulation Environment allows more than one game to share the
same user account configuration (user name and password) for login
purposes. For detailed instructions on the configuration settings, check
the SNAPMobileGameComplianceTestingGuide at the Forum Nokia
Let us now test the connected game features of a sample game using
the local Emulation Environment:
From the Server menu, choose Start emulator. You should see several
log messages in the command prompt window showing that the
startup was successful. You can also check the status of the startup
by opening the Log Viewer from the File menu (or by using the
Ctrl+V command).
Launch two emulator instances (e.g., WTK or S60 emulator) and
run the sample application in both to simulate two players playing
against each other.
Log in to the game (using the Go online option) in both emulator
instances using one of the preconfigured test user name and password
combinations provided in the Emulation Environment.
In the first emulator instance, choose the Quick Match option. The
game starts and waits for a new player from the network to join the
game (see Figure B.5a).
In the second emulator instance, also choose the Quick Match
option. The server notices that someone is waiting for a challenger
and connects the two players so that they are able to play a session
against each other, as shown in Figure B.5b, where two MazeRacer
players are racing at the top left corner of the screen.
The Emulation Environment is a development server emulator that can
be configured in a number of ways. It provides tools and behaviors which
will help you develop and test your game up to a level where it behaves
well and is prepared to handle any condition inherent to connected
games, such as network latency, losing contact during a match, and so
on. By handling all these cases, you ensure the game is prepared to go
to the Compliance Test phase of the publishing process and pass through
all required tests.
For a detailed guide on the configuration of the Emulation Environment,
please refer to the SNAPMobile: Device andNetwork Test Instructions
document at the Forum Nokia website.
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