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B.5.1 Device and Network Test
After installing the Java run-time environment, an emulator and the SNAP
Mobile SDK, you should run the Device and Network Test application on
a real device. Nokia recommends that you run the test application on the
devices and networks to which you are planning to deploy your game, to
ensure they are compatible with the service. On the device side, being
compatible means that it is supported by the SNAP Mobile service; on
the network side, being compatible means packets directed to the SNAP
Mobile server are not blocked by the operator. Notice that, although this
step is only absolutely required for commercial developers writing real
games, hobbyists and prospective developers should also run it. Doing
this gives you knowledge about compatibility before you think of doing
real business in this platform.
Running the Device and Network Test tool is very simple. Browse to
the installation folder of SNAP Mobile SDK and look for the Tools/Device
Network Test folder. You will see the JAD and JAR files for this application.
Install both files to your device, using the proper tool for your phone
model and vendor (e.g., use Nokia PC Suite to install on a Nokia device).
Please note that you need to install using the JAD file, as it contains
required application properties.
Before running the test application, it is important to set the default
Access Point Name (APN) access settings correctly so the test application
does not return false results. If these are not set correctly, the application
may prompt the user every time a connection is established, adding the
time the user takes to respond to the prompt to the Round Trip Time in
the test results. If you see these prompts during the test, cancel the test
application so that it does not upload invalid results to the server.
There are two types of settings that should be checked in the test
The desired access point for connecting to the Internet must be set up
as the default in the test application.
The permission level for accessing the Internet (or using packet data)
must be set to 'ask only once' or 'not at all', by default in the test
Instructions on setting these parameters vary greatly from device to
device. For more information on how to set the Internet Access Point
(IAP) for Java applications, please refer to Section 3.7.2.
Once everything is set, you can run the tests; the application displays
the compatibility report and uploads it to the SNAP Mobile server. Just
open the application and choose Start tests from the Options menu.
Figure B.3 shows the test application running on a Nokia N95.
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