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A.5 Summary
WidSets is a great way for Java developers to use their skills to create
powerful mobile applications that make use of Web 2.0 services provided
by most of the top Internet players these days. The learning curve is
smooth, the platform is not limited to standard JavaScript functionality
and the fact that WidSets uses Java ME means that a huge audience of
Java-enabled phone users can now enjoy Internet services provided by
The information presented in this appendix is accurate and verified at
the time of writing and has the goal of helping developers understand,
mainly from a technical point of view, different models of mobile appli-
cation development. Please note that the Internet services landscape is
in development and so are mobile widgets technologies. Many changes
may occur in the business models or services available.
To keep yourself up to date with the latest in the WidSets world, refer to
the WidSets website ( ) and to the ForumNokia WidSets
Wiki, available at ,
where you can find documentation, source code for examples and many
complete applications that will help you mobilize Internet services of
interest to your audience.
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