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Flickr Viewer has two views: a form (see Figure A.7a) into which users
can type their search queries and the picture view (see Figure A.7b),
where images retrieved from the search are displayed.
Figure A.7 Flickr viewer widget: a) form view and b) picture view
As the code and resource files for Flickr Viewer are bigger than in
the Hello World example, we do not discuss the entire code here.
Rather, we focus on the new features used to build this widget. The
complete source code for this project can be downloaded from this
book's website.
A.4.1 Descriptor File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<widget spec_version="2.0">
<! -
info section omitted for brevity-->
<parameter name="widgetname">Flickr Viewer</parameter>
<parameter type="url" name="url" editable="false">
<service type="syndication" id="syndService">
<reference from="url" to="feedurl"/>
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