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A.2.1 Using WidSets
In order to get started, you need to register with the WidSets website
( ) and install the WidSets Mobile Dashboard in your
mobile device. The registration process is straightforward and the client
installation on your device is guided by the website, which means that
after you finish it you should be able to access the service both in the
website and in the Mobile Dashboard. For more details on the registration,
please check the Get Started pages at .
After having registered, you are logged in to the website, from where
you can manage account settings and your widgets. Click the Dashboard
Manager menu item, to see your dashboard (Figure A.3), populated with
some default widgets.
Figure A.3 Dashboard manager
When you start the WidSets Mobile Dashboard on your phone, the
same widgets that are presented to you on the web are also on your
mobile client's dashboard (compare Figures A.2 and A.3). This is how
the service works: widgets are always kept in sync between the two;
whenever a new widget is added to the dashboard on the web, it shows
up on the device and vice versa.
Let's now populate our dashboard with useful widgets created by the
WidSets community. On the website, click on the Library menu to see
a list of thousands of widgets ready to be used. Once you have chosen
the widgets that interest you the most, click on the Pick icon to add
them to your dashboard. Go to the mobile application and click Options,
Reload. Your dashboard is immediately refreshed with the newly-added
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