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of magnitude. And yet with all the intrinsic technical challenges, Java
applications can benefit from a tight integration to the native Symbian OS
SIP service.
11.6 Summary
In this chapter, we discussed the integration of Java ME APIs with
native Symbian OS services in order to ensure consistent user experience
between Java applications and native applications. We have seen that
there are a few types and levels of integration and that the likely approach
to integration is to map Java functionality to native functionality. The
two worlds are fundamentally different, therefore the integration has
to handle numerous challenges, as we saw in the examples. Some
integration cases can be mandatory but straightforward, for example,
file access, or mandatory but less straightforward, for example, MMAPI;
other integration cases can be highly desirable to ensure consistency,
for example, LCDUI; and other cases have their own uniqueness which
demonstrates the vast scope of integration challenges, for example, SIM
access and SIP.
The result of the tight integration of Java ME with native services is that
on Symbian phones the Java ME platform exposes the strength and power
of Symbian OS in a consistent manner, which is also interoperable with
other run-time environments.
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