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Figure 8.3 Screenshot from FindingHiggs
in game development and that are provided with Symbian OS. Figure 8.3
shows a screen shot of the game in action.
8.4.1 Planning
Having clear answers to the following questions before development
begins directly reduces risk and development time for the project. It also
helps simplify your game design from the outset:
1. What are the aims of the player?
The player has one minute to destroy as many attackers as possible
while using the least amount of ammunition. Bonus points are
awarded if the player's hit rate exceeds 60%. In single-player
mode, the aim is to beat the previous high score. In two-player,
head-to-head mode the aim is to beat your opponent.
2. What are the 'game over' conditions?
The game completes after one minute has elapsed.
3. What controls are available for player input?
The player can use the five-way navigation joystick or the keys
marked 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 on the keypad for navigation. In this game,
the FIRE action fires the gun and the up, down, left and right keys
move the player in a polar orbit around the world origin in 3D
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