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7.8.2 2D Animation
Video playback is supported as part of the basic API. GIF animation
playback and 2D animation playback is supported by means of the
VisualPresenter class.
The file format for animation data is not specified, meaning that
the supported animation data formats vary among the different handset
manufactures. The formats supported by each handset, and the ways to
create animation data, are released separately by the manufacturer.
The only new thing for the DoJa 5.x profile is the addition of the
attributes to set the VisualPresenter for full-screen playback - either
by forcing full-screen or setting a preference for full-screen playback. This
is part of the Optional API and is handset dependent.
7.8.3 3D Graphics
The 3D graphic features in DoJa 5.0 allow for the loading and display
of external 3D model data. Previous DoJa profiles split the 3D-graphics-
rendering API into high-end and low-end APIs, each with their own
specification. Since DoJa 4.1, the low-end API has been removed and
new functionality has been added in the 5.x profile.
Support for the Mascot Capsule Micro3D Engine has been included
since DoJa 4.0. All phones supporting the DoJa 5.1 profile support both
versions 3 and 4 of the Mascot Capsule Engine.
There are two Graphics3D classes included in the API. One is
in the com.nttdocomo.ui.graphics3d package and the other is
in the optional com.nttdocomo.opt.ui.j3d package. The latter
has functionality for ambient and directional lighting, texture mapping,
affine transformations, 3D vector math, and other advanced 3D graphics
operations. Both packages use the Mascot engine for rendering.
Using the Mascot Capsule 3D-graphics-rendering functions is a rela-
tively simple process. A call is made to the Canvas.getGraphics()
function to retrieve the current Graphics object. This is then cast to an
object of the com.nttdocomo.ui.j3d.Graphics3D interface, which
uses the Mascot Capsule Micro3D Engine for rendering.
Graphics g = Canvas.getGraphics();
Graphics3D g3D = (com.nttdocomo.ui.j3d.Graphics3D) g;
This could be considered the 'default' method for 3D rendering. Free
modeling tools and documentation can be downloaded from the Mascot
Capsule website.
OpenGL ES support is new to DoJa 5.x. The ES specification consists
of a well-defined subset of the standard OpenGL profile, which should
further assist developers in porting existing applications to DoJa devices.
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