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Table 7.4 (continued)
Included DoJa 4.0, this package contains utility func-
tions, such as math and vector arithmetic,
for 3D
graphics and sound.
This package implements the OpenGL ES1.1 API.
This package contains the classes for controlling the
phone's peripheral devices. In DoJa 5.x, optional sub-
packages provide classes to control and query the
gesture reader, acceleration sensors and FeliCa wireless
This package contains classes and interfaces for utilizing
the phone's native functionality, including the phone-
book, scheduler, and bookmarks. Many of these classes
are only enabled for trusted i-Appli.
This package contains classes to manage security certifi-
cates and digital signatures. Many of these classes have
been newly added to the DoJa 5.1 profile.
Unlike the optional classes and methods in the core API packages
listed in Table 7.4, all classes and methods in the packages listed in
Table 7.5 are optional and they may not be present in all handsets. When
one of these packages is included in the Extension API, its operation may
be different depending on the manufacturer. Any call to a method that is
not supported on the target hardware causes the framework to throw an
UnsupportedOperationException .
Table 7.5 Optional Packages
This package provides classes to control optional phone
devices which are handset specific, for example, a sec-
ond camera or fingerprint authenticator.
This package contains classes to create application user
interfaces, extending the functionality of similar classes
in the base API. For example, the Canvas2 class allows
for changing the canvas orientation. Also included are
classes to control optional phone features, such as the
This package provides extended 3D graphics rendering
and 3D calculation capabilities.
This package implements the OpenGL ES1.1 extension
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