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for creating sounds in the various formats used on the handsets are only
available to certified content developers. (A handset may not necessarily
be able to play sounds created for another handset.)
7.8.1 Packages
This section explains each of the sub-packages included in the com.
nttdocomo package. Table 7.4 lists the core packages in DoJa 5.1.
Table 7.4 DoJa 5.1 Core Packages
This package includes classes to stream text efficiently
and other complementary classes. DoJa uses the under-
lying CLDC 1.1 framework for creating input and output
stream connections. This package uses a URL format
to connect to network resources via HTTP and HTTPS,
and to create OBEX connections via the infrared port or
UART connections via serial cable.
This package contains the URLEncoder and URLDe-
coder utility classes for HTML form encoding and
This package contains various utility classes, including
the Phone and JarInflater classes.
This package includes the XObject and XString
classes that allow native phone data management. These
classes are used to allow access to various pieces of user
data while restricting operations on that data so that, for
example, a user's phonebook data cannot be uploaded
to a server.
This package contains classes used for creating applica-
tion user interfaces.
This package has been available since the DoJa 4.0
profile. It contains a number of classes that enable 3D
This package is new to the core DoJa 5.0/5.1 API. It
provides classes to facilitate calculation and collision
detection within 3D coordinate space.
Included since DoJa 4.0, this package allows 3D coordi-
nate data to be associated with a sound, which is played
as if from a source in 3D space.
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