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Figure 6.3 MobileAerith screen shots: a) splash screen, b) album selection menu, c) album
thumbnails, and d) image
Figure 6.4 MobileAerith before MSA 1.1
project, 5 which is a great source of advanced applications, useful tips,
information on the usage of JSRs and other help for application developers.
There is also a wiki with more good information and links. All the
sources and resource files for MobileAerith are available under the
MobileAerith directory. You can read more and browse the source code
from .
To get the source, you can access the MobileAerith sample from the
NetBeans 6.1 Update Center (see Figure 6.5). From NetBeans, choose
Tools, Plugins, Available Plugins, Aerith Mobile Photo Album Sam-
ple, Install.
To open the sample after installation, choose File, New Project, Sam-
ples, Mobility, MIDP, Aerith Mobile Photo Album Sample.
Now that you have MobileAerith running on your Symbian phone and
you have been through the code in NetBeans, just stop and think how
many more features we can add to MobileAerith! We could upload the
images to an image-hosting website account (e.g. Flickr). We could have
the images geotagged, to show where the picture was taken. Both of these
features are possible using MSA. So let's start planning how we add those
features as we take a tour through MobileAerith.
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