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Figure 5.42 MOTODEV standalone SDK for Java ME
5.5 Summary
Let's summarize what we have covered in this chapter about JavaME SDKs
targeting Symbian OS devices. For many Java ME platforms, development
using the WTK or Java ME SDK 3.0 is the only option. Development
with Java ME on Symbian OS offers developers many more SDK options,
which target different Symbian OS UI platforms and device families. The
approach which we recommend is to become familiar with several SDKs
and tools; and use those best suited to the development stage you are at
or the problem you are trying to solve.
We covered the SDK emulator, tools, on-device debugging and other
features of S60 5th Edition and 3rd Edition FP2 SDKs, UIQ 3.3 SDK, Sony
Ericsson SJP-3 SDK and MOTODEV SDK for Java ME version 1.3.
To download the latest SDKs and get more information on developer
tools, refer to the developer program of the relevant device manufacturer.
Chapter 7 gives information about MOAP development and SDKs.
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