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dependent on your machine and device configuration. In the case of
configuration issues, you should consult your system administrator.
With the SDK's Device Explorer tool (see Figure 5.35), developers can
directly manipulate MIDlets and suites from the PC. This includes instal-
lation; starting and stopping the execution; getting storage information;
and examining trace messages coming from System.out .
Figure 5.35 Device Explorer utility
The setup and usage of Device Explorer is done using the same
mechanism as that used by on-device debugging:
1. Turn on Bluetooth.
2. Pair device with PC.
Start the JavaDebugAgent server.
4. Connect the Connection Proxy tool.
Launch Device Explorer.
Finally, the Sony Ericsson PC suite for Smartphones (see Figure 5.36)
is not a developer tool but it is a useful tool to have. Its features include
browsing and exchanging files between the PC and device; installing
MIDlet suite and native applications on the device; and updating your
phone with the latest firmware.
For more information and to download SJP SDKs, please refer to Sony
Ericsson Developer World.
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