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3. Select More, Roles and configure the role as Client - Access point
(see Figure 5.30b).
4. On the PC, go to My Bluetooth places and select View my Blue-
tooth services. Right click Properties on My Network Access. In the
General tab (Figure 5.31a), select Allow other devices to access the
Internet/Lan via this computer.
Select Configure Network Adapter. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
properties sheet (Figure 5.31b), assign a different IP address in the
same subnet and assign the same subnet mask.
Figure 5.31 PC Network Access setup
From My Bluetooth Places, go to Devices in range and select your
device. Right-click and select Connect Personal Ad-hoc User Service.
Click on Connect.
Launch the JavaDebugAgent. In the Settings sheet (Figure 5.32a),
assign the PC host IP address.
From the main screen, start the server (Figure 5.32b).
9. Open the SDK Connection Proxy utility and press Connect
Figure 5.33).
Once the connection is established, in the NetBeans project properties
(see Figure 5.34), select the Debug On-Device SDK (it is a separate SDK)
and SonyEricsson SJP-3 as the device.
After you have completed the setup, launching and debugging an
application is done in exactly the same way as on the emulator. Please
note that setting up the connection between the PC and the device is
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