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Figure 5.23 Integrating UIQ 3 SDK with NetBeans
Figure 5.24 Setting UIQ 3 SDK as the default platform
in the UIQ 3 SDK left panel and click Open Utilities. You may launch
the emulator and DebugAgent from the Launch Now button.
Ensure the DebugAgent is running and is ready to receive incoming
connections. 2 From the DebugAgent menu, click on More, Start. You will
see logs that indicate that the agent is ready to receive incoming requests
(see Figure 5.26).
You only have to start the emulator and the DebugAgent the first time
you launch a MIDlet. After terminating your MIDlet, the emulator keeps
running and subsequent launches take less time to start up. You may then
2 Refer to FAQ-117 in for information on how to enable a TCP
server running on the emulator to receive incoming connections.
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