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5.3.4 Other Tools
Under the SDK installation directory, you can find a wealth of documen-
tation and code examples. We recommend that you spend some time
getting familiar with all the features of the SDK, so that you are aware of
the power that is given to you as a developer.
You may also download as a separate bundle the Java ME Developer's
Library, 1 a complete resource package with introductory documents,
getting started guides, tutorials, and API level information. This library
is available online in HTML format, as a standalone version and as an
Eclipse plug-in (see Figure 5.16).
Figure 5.16 Java ME Developer's Library
The SDK contains more tools for Java development for S60. For
example, it includes an SVG to SVG-T Converter that allows you to
optimize scalable vector graphics for the S60 user interface by enabling
you to convert SVG images to SVG-Tiny (SVG-T) format.
1 Library
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