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Now that we know how to detect, let's see how we can use the
information. The first decision to take is when to use the detection - during
development or dynamically at application run time.
If you detect the multimedia capabilities during development, you can
package the multimedia content with the JAR according to the support
on the target device. If you are targeting more than one device, you
should package content whose type and format is supported by all the
targeted devices. The advantage is that, once the suite is installed, the
content is available on the device and does not need to be fetched. The
disadvantages are that the content increases the JAR size and cannot be
dynamically changed. So if your suite needs to be signed you cannot
change the content
later without going through the signing process
If you detect the multimedia capabilities at run time, you can package
in your JAR different versions of the same content to be used according
to the detected support or you can fetch the appropriate content from a
remote server. When the MIDlet starts, it detects the available support
and can play the content immediately by creating a Player with the
appropriate locator or can fetch content of the appropriate type from the
server. For caching, the MIDlet can use the RMS or JSR-75 FileConnection
which is supported on all current Symbian smartphones. Handling can
be improved further by delegating to the remote server the decision about
which content to use or fetch. The MIDlet sends the query results to the
remote server without processing them and the decision logic resides on
the server. Your application can detect the multimedia capabilities once,
the first time it is launched or can do it in subsequent runs.
The advantages of this approach are a smaller JAR size and the
dynamic nature of content support. The disadvantage is the dependency
on a remote server which must be accessible to download the content
(the dependency can be minimized if the content is fetched just once at
first application run).
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