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However, the Symbian Signed program is not relevant for MIDP
applications. MIDP defines its own security policy that applies and
usage of restricted APIs and functions requires permissions granted either
by signing the suite or explicitly by the user. MIDP applications are
considered safe and secure from the platform perspective and there is no
reason to impose an additional security mechanism onMIDP applications.
MIDP applications are, therefore, exempt from passing Symbian Signed. 9
3.6 Tools for Java ME on Symbian OS
There are excellent Java ME SDKs for Symbian smartphones available for
download on the web (see Chapter 5). The approach which we recom-
mend is to become familiar with several SDKs and tools, and use the one
which is most appropriate for the family of target Symbian smartphones,
your development stage and the problem you are trying to solve.
At the early stages of development, you would probably use Symbian
OS Java ME SDK in conjunction with a general-purpose SDK such as the
Java ME SDK 3.0. As you progress in product development, you would
gradually move more towards using a Java ME SDK for specific Symbian
OS UI platforms.
At some point, as tends to happen, you'll probably encounter a certain
challenge that requires an additional tool. You may find an appropriate
tool in one of those SDKs specific to Symbian OS. For example, on-device
debugging will assist you in identifying a problem that occurs on a device
but is not reproducible on the emulator.
The option of such a powerful (and liberating) approach to tools is
unique to Java ME on Symbian OS, which is rich in Java ME development
tools. That is enough about SDKs for this chapter. Please refer to Chapter 5
and ensure you are aware of the variety of Java ME SDKs for Symbian OS.
3.7 Java ME Management on Devices
Java ME on Symbian OS is tightly integrated with the native platform
services and is not managed as a separate entity; MIDlets are launched
from the main menu like any other application (and not from a separate
Java application submenu). At some point you may want to manage
certain aspects related to Java ME in general or to a specific application;
for example, you may want to change security settings, or install or
remove a MIDlet suite. On Symbian smartphones, Java management
operations are found in the native system management services.
9 For more information about Symbian Signed, please refer to .
A few minutes can be well spent scrutinizing the Symbian Signed Test Criteria. If they are
applicable to MIDP and your application, you can apply them voluntarily.
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