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3.2.7 Summary
Symbian OS provides a wide, common Java ME platform for a plethora
of devices by various manufacturers, which minimizes JSR support dif-
ferences between different families of devices. The rich selection of JSRs
allows you to create rich applications using standard Java APIs only.
Nevertheless, additional APIs are added to the Java stack by vendors
in order to enrich their platform. You may see these APIs as additional
opportunities or you may choose to stay on the common and generic
ground of using only JCP-standardized JSRs. In any case, Java ME on
Symbian OS gives you the power of choice.
3.3 Proprietary JAD Attributes
There are various edge cases that are not handled by Java ME specifi-
cations but are handled by S60-specific JAD attributes (see Table 3.2 for
details of some attributes).
Support for these attributes may vary between S60 devices. For
example, S60 5th Edition introduced a few JAD attributes that sup-
port screen orientation and scaling (for more information, please see
Chapter 4). These JAD attributes are also supported on S60 3rd Edition
Table 3.2 Proprietary S60 JAD Attributes
Attribute name
Since S60
5th Edition
Offers backwards compatibility for
MIDlets, that use Canvas and are
not originally made for touch devices
3rd Edition FP2
Specifies scalable MIDlet icon sup-
3rd Edition FP2
Specifies MIDlet lifecycle methods
invocation when switching between
background and foreground
All editions
Specifies if the MIDlet is an applica-
tion or game
3rd Edition FP2 When pressing the End key, the
MIDlet will go to the background
instead of terminating
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