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rotation and flipping of images
alpha-channel color support
low-level access to image pixel data.
At the time of writing, the Nokia UI API is still available on many SDKs
and devices from different manufacturers. For example, it is available on
the Nokia S60 5th Edition SDK; on S60 3rd Edition FP2 SDK and devices
such as the Nokia N95; and on the Sony Ericsson SJP-3 SDK and devices
such as the UIQ 3 Sony Ericsson W960i.
However, MIDP 2.0 includes almost all the Nokia UI API's features
and since then the Nokia UI API has been a deprecated API which
remains available mostly to maintain backward compatibility. It is strongly
recommended that developers do not develop using it, but use standard
APIs, such as MIDP 2.0 LCDUI, to guarantee that their MIDlets work in
future devices.
3.2.3 Embedded Standard Widget Toolkit
From S60 3rd Edition FP2, Nokia introduced support for the Embedded
Standard Widget Toolkit (eSWT) which is an alternative UI toolkit to
LCDUI. eSWT is a subset of the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) API,
which was jointly developed by IBM and Nokia as part of the Eclipse
Foundation eRCP project. 5 The SWT was developed as an alternative to
the AWT and Swing desktop UI toolkits included in Java SE. For example,
the Eclipse IDE uses SWT for its user interface.
It is very easy for SWT developers who are already experienced
with Java ME development to use eSWT, since eSWT shares the core
components, design, idioms and development principles of SWT. The
core features of eSWT are:
native platform look and feel
high performance and minimal overhead
customizable UI components
low-level graphics support.
eSWT is divided into three components (see Figure 3.5): Core eSWT,
Expanded eSWT and SWT Mobile Extensions. Core eSWT includes the
basic SWT classes and a set of the most commonly used widgets, such as
buttons and text fields, low-level graphics APIs and layout managers, and
defines the event model. More advanced widgets, such as tables, trees,
dialogs and a powerful browser control are part of the Expanded eSWT
component. SWT Mobile Extensions includes widgets that are specific
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