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the Application Management System (AMS) may be automatically or
manually activated. In any case, the process itself is very simple and
To complete the installation:
on the Nokia N95, click all the way through until you are notified that
the installation has completed
on the Sony Ericsson W960i, press View and click all the way through
until AMS launches the application.
3.1.3 Launching Java ME Detectors
On the majority of Java-enabled feature phones, you launch a Java appli-
cation from a designated menu on which all installed Java applications
reside. An important feature of Symbian OS is that Java applications are
executed from the main applications menu, just like native applications.
In this respect, Java applications are treated as 'first-class citizens' and are
no different to any native application installed or running on the device.
Now that the Java installer has completed its task, let's run JSRsDe-
tectorMIDlet on our reference devices:
On the Nokia N95, click on Main menu, Applications.
On the Sony Ericsson W960i, from the home screen, press Menu,
Both devices present you with the main application menu from which
all installed applications are launched (see Figure 3.4). Select the MIDlet
and run it. Congratulations, you have just completed the task of running
a MIDlet on a Symbian smartphone.
(a) (b) (c)
Figure 3.4 Main applications menu on a) Nokia N95, b) Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and
c) Sony Ericsson W960i
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