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Enter Java ME on Symbian OS
Once you've read Part Two, you can proudly claim that you understand
Java ME on Symbian OS. Thinking about it, why can't you do that already?
As you noticed, no new tricks were mentioned in Chapter 2. Java is Java,
ME is ME and it is all too familiar. Even suspiciously familiar
can Java ME on Symbian OS be the same as everywhere yet more than
anywhere? And at the same time? Well, it is true! Just to confirm again,
Java ME on Symbian OS is still Java ME. Only, there's much more!
Chapter 2 defined the prerequisite knowledge required for this topic.
Having reached this point in the topic, we can safely assume that you are
familiar with MIDlets, MIDlet suite, JAR, JAD, JSR, LCDUI, GCF, RMS,
WMA, OTA, permissions, and so on. (If any of these terms is unfamiliar
to you, please go back and read Chapter 2 or another Java ME tutorial. 1 )
We assume that you are not yet familiar with Java ME on Symbian OS,
from a platform point of view. Java ME, the leading mobile development
technology, exposes the strength and richness of Symbian OS, the leading
smartphone platform, through standardized Java APIs.
In this chapter, we first run an application on a real mobile phone.
Then, we consider additional APIs and which JSRs are supported. The
next two sections discuss how the lack of fixed limits on computing
resources and the powerful native platform give Java ME on Symbian
OS more power. We then demonstrate how Java and native code can
interoperate. We finish the discussion with a few more practical topics,
such as Java ME management on Symbian smartphones and a preview of
Chapter 4, and describe a structured approach on how and where to find
more information about Java ME on Symbian OS.
This chapter is an introductory crash course. We assume that if you
know Java ME, you are ready to learn a few things that will open your
eyes to the possibilities that are waiting for you in the Symbian world.
(Another title to the chapter could have been 'Very important stuff that
you should know about Java ME on Symbian OS'.)
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