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2.10.5 WMA on Symbian OS Phones
Most Symbian OS phones in the marketplace today, even older ones such
as the Nokia 3650, implement Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120). WMA
has a new version (defined in JSR-205) available on most modern devices
as well; its main benefit is to add Multimedia Messaging System (MMS)
capabilities to the previous version of WMA. However, we won't men-
tion it here further since only JSR-120 is mandatory on JTWI-compliant
devices. WMA is a mandatory part of another umbrella specification,
Mobile Service Architecture (JSR-248), which is covered in Chapter 6.
2.11 Symbian OS Java ME Certification
Majinate ( ) is a company from the UK which special-
izes in building and testing competence in application development for
Symbian OS. It operates the Accredited Symbian Developer (ASD) pro-
gram on behalf of Symbian and the Accredited S60 Developer program
on behalf of Nokia.
In addition to the certification exams for native application developers,
Majinate also offers a test for Java ME developers working on the Symbian
OS platform. The Symbian OS: J2ME exam covers the Java language
and MIDP application programming concepts. It focuses on features
supported by Symbian OS implementations, with the exam testing the
ability of a developer to address the differences between Symbian and
other Java platforms. Some of the main topics covered are:
Java language basics
object-orientation concepts
package java.lang
MIDlet deployment and MIDP 2 security model
MIDlet class and lifecycle
generic connection framework and networking
LCDUI GUI applications
RMS and utilities
Java ME optional packages (Wireless Messaging and Mobile Media
This topic and the standard sources (the specifications and their
clarifications) are the key references for this exam. These sources have
guided the creation of the curriculum and database of test questions.
For more details on the Symbian OS J2ME exam, see www. .
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