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(assuming it is not already running). The MIDlet should then respond
by immediately handling the incoming message in the startApp()
method. As before, the message should be processed in a separate thread
to avoid conflicts between blocking I/O operations and normal user
interaction events.
2.10.4 WMA and the MIDP Security Model
A signed MIDlet suite that contains MIDlets which open and use SMS
connections must explicitly request the following permissions: - needed to open
an SMS connection
javax.wireless.messaging.sms.send - needed to send an
javax.wireless.messaging.sms.receive - needed to re-
ceive an SMS
If the protection domain to which the signed MIDlet suite would
be bound grants, or potentially grants, the requested permissions, the
MIDlet suite can be installed and the MIDlets it contains can open
SMS connections and send and receive SMS messages. This can be
done automatically or with explicit user permission, depending upon the
security policy in effect.
Whether MIDlets in untrusted MIDlet suites can access the WMA
depends on the security policy relating to the untrusted domain in
force on the device. In line with the Recommended Security Policy for
GSM/UMTSCompliantDevicesaddendum to the MIDP specification and
the JTWI SecurityPolicyforGSM/UMTSCompliantDevices, a messaging
function group permission of oneshot requires explicit user permission
to send an SMS message, but allows blanket permission (permission is
granted until the MIDlet suite is uninstalled or the user changes the
function group permission) to receive SMS messages.
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