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2.10.2 Receiving Messages
Receiving a message is, again, straightforward:
MessageConnection smsconn = null;
Message msg = null;
String receivedMessage = null;
String senderAddress = null;
try {
conn = (MessageConnection)"sms://:1234");
msg = smsconn.receive();
// get sender's address for replying
senderAddress = msg.getAddress();
if (msg instanceof TextMessage) {
// extract text message
receivedMessage = ((TextMessage)msg).getPayloadText();
// do something with message
} catch (IOException ioe)
We open a server mode MessageConnection by passing in a URL
of the following syntax:
We retrieve the message by invoking the following method on the
MessageConnection instance.
public Message receive()
The address of the message sender can be obtained using the following
method of the Message interface:
public String getAddress()
A server mode connection can be used to reply to incoming messages,
by making use of the setAddress() method of the Message interface.
In the case of a text message, we cast the Message object appropriately
and then retrieve its contents with the TextMessage interface, using the
method below:
public String getPayloadText()
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