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VideoControl.getSnapshot(String type) .
A signed MIDlet suite which contains MIDlets that make use of these
APIs must explicitly request the appropriate permission in the JAD file or
MIDlet-Permissions:, ...
MIDlet-Permissions: getSnapshot, ...
These protected APIs are part of the Multimedia Recording function
group as defined by the Recommended Security Policy for GSM/UMTS
CompliantDevicesaddendum to the MIDP specification. It must also be
remembered that if a MIDlet in a signed MIDlet suite makes use of a
protected API of the package, for instance
to fetch media content over HTTP, then explicit permission to access that
API must be requested, even if it is fetched implicitly, perhaps by calling:
Whether MIDlets in an untrusted MIDlet suite can use the protected
APIs of the MMAPI depends on the security policy relating to the untrusted
domain in force on the device. Under the JTWI Security Policy for
GSM/UMTS Compliant Devices, MIDlets in an untrusted MIDlet suite
can access the Multimedia Recording function group APIs with explicit
permission from the user. The default user permission setting is oneshot
(ask every time).
2.10 Wireless Messaging API
The Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120) is an optional API targeted at
devices supporting the Generic Connection Framework defined in the
CLDC. The Wireless Messaging API (WMA) specification defines APIs for
sending and receiving SMS messages and receiving CBS messages. At
the time of writing, the current release of the Wireless Messaging API is
version 1.1. This contains minor modifications to the 1.0 specification to
enable the API to be compatible with MIDP 2.0.
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