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2.9.4 Working with Audio Content
In this section, we demonstrate how to play audio files with code from a
simple Audio Player MIDlet. We focus on the actual MMAPI code used
to play the audio file.
// code abbreviated for clarity
public void run() {
try {
player = Manager.createPlayer(url);
volumeControl = (VolumeControl)player.getControl("VolumeControl");
if (volumeControl != null) {
} else {
} startPlayer();
} catch (IOException ioe) {
// catch exception connecting to the resource
} catch (MediaException me) {
// unable to create player for given MIME type
A Player is created and a PlayerListener is registered with it.
The controller reference serves two purposes: to facilitate callbacks to
the UI indicating the progress of the initialization (this has been omitted
for clarity); and to act as the PlayerListener which will be notified
of Player events. The Player is then moved through its states. In this
example, we obtain a VolumeControl (if the implementation supports
this feature) although it is not essential for simple audio playback. The
volume range provided is from 0-100. Here we set the volume level
midway and start the Player so the audio file content can be heard from
the phone's speakers.
Closing the player is a straightforward task:
public void closePlayer() {
if (player != null) {
} player = null;
volumeControl = null;
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