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There is some interesting literature about Petra, together with beautiful souvenir books, available at shops and stalls
around Wadi Musa and Petra.
One of the best guidebooks, Petra: A Traveller's Guide by Rosalyn Maqsood, covers the history and culture of
the site and describes several hikes. The pocket-sized Petra: The Rose-Red City, by Christian Auge and Jean-Marie
Dentzer, is excellent on Petra's historical context. Jane Taylor's Petra is another good paperback introduction to the
site. Taylor also wrote the authoritative Petra & the Lost Kingdoms of the Nabataeans . There's a chapter on hiking
in Petra in Tony Howard and Di Taylor's Jordan - Walks, Treks, Climbs & Canyons .
For an engaging account of the Bdoul Bedouin who once lived in the caves surrounding the Petra valley and who
now live on the rim of the ancient city, Married to a Bedouin is a recommended read. The author, Marguerite van
Geldermalsen, raised three children among the Bdoul and ran the local clinic. Since the topics publication in 2006,
Marguerite has become a local celebrity in Jordan, has received the Queen of England and Queen Noor in her cave,
and her son now runs tours for those wanting to gain an understanding of Bedouin life in the area (see Tours, Click
here ).
Finding Your Way
Very little in Petra is signposted or captioned, so a map and guidebook are essential. For most visitors the maps in
this topic should suffice.
If you plan to hike long distances in Petra without a guide, the best map is the Royal Jordanian Geographic
Centre's contoured 1:5000 Map of Petra (2005; JD5). It's usually available at bookshops in Wadi Musa and at the
stand outside the Nabataean Museum.
The Petra brochure, published by the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, has an easy-to-read map with useful
photos that help identify certain monuments. Pick one up before coming to Petra as the visitor centre often runs out.
Main police station ( 2156551, emergency 191) In Wadi Musa, adjacent to the police
Tourist police station ( 2156441, emergency 196; 8am-midnight) Opposite Petra
Visitor Centre. A few tourist police can be found lounging around in the shade inside
Internet Access
There are lots of internet cafes around the town centre, including Rum Internet (per hr
JD1; 10am-midnight) , located downhill from Shaheed roundabout. Seven Wonders
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