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3.4 Analog I/O
In this section, we develop Arduino Sketch to access Analog I/O. Arduino Yún has 6 analog
inputs, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5. For Analog output, it's called PWM.
You obtain PWM pins easily but if you have Arduino Yún, it writes DIGITAL (PWM ~).
It means your PWM pins can be found on DIGITAL pins which pin with ~, for instance,
~3,~5,~6,~9, ~10, ~11.
3.4.1 Potentiometer
We use a Potentiometer to illustrate how to read analog input. Wiring
We use Potentiometer as analog input source. Connect Potentiometer pins to VCC and Vout
to Analog input A0 on Arduino Yún.
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