HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2-6. Example output from the figure and figcaption elements
Creating divisions: div
A div (short for “division") is used for marking out a block of content. It adds no spe-
cial meaning to the content it surrounds but is simply used for being able to add addi-
tional CSS styles or JavaScript. The div has traditionally been a frequently used ele-
ment to aid with layout of a page but has been superseded in many situations with more
semantically specific elements (covered in more depth in Chapter 3 ).
Text-level semantic elements
We're down to the finest-grained control now: text-level elements that imbibe individual
words and sentences with meaning. There are nuances of the correct semantic use of
these elements that are best discussed together with the document sectioning elements
in the next chapter, so for the time being familiarize yourself with the sizable number of
these elements in Table 2-9 , and we'll discuss them further in Chapter 3 . Most have been
around for a while, but several such as i and b have a changed meaning in HTML5.
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