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over a peer-to-peer connection to each other. Specifically, the following steps need to
1. Gain access to a webcam or other video/audio input device.
2. Record the video/audio locally so that it can be streamed to a remote web
3. Connect and send the video/audio to a remote web browser.
4. Display a video/audio stream in a video or audio element on the local and
remote web browsers.
An API called the Stream API, which defines an interface called MediaStream ,
would be used with JavaScript to handle parsing and displaying of the streaming media.
In terms of sending the media stream, another API, called the Peer-to-peer Connections
API, would be used. This API describes a PeerConnection JavaScript interface that
defines methods for connecting and sending a media stream to a remote peer.
5 See .
6 See
WAI-ARIA, 7 the Accessible Rich Internet Applications specification (the WAI stands
for Web Accessibility Initiative), aims to provide a syntax for making modern dynamic
web applications accessible to people with disabilities. WAI-ARIA uses attributes to
mark up user interaction of the page's content and describe how page elements relate to
each other. WAI-ARIA defines a role attribute with a large set of values for describing
how a web feature is presented and how the page is structured. There are also a large
number of “ aria- *” prefixed attributes for describing the state of web page features.
These attributes can be used to annotate, for example, whether a menu has a submenu or
what actions a dragged object can perform when being dropped on a target. The WAI-
ARIA specification is a large specification in its own right; for further information on it,
visit the WAI's WAI-ARIA overview page: .
File API
There are three specifications under development related to reading, browsing, and writ-
ing to files on the file system of a client machine. The main one is the File API, 8 which
includes interfaces called File , FileList , FileReader , and FileError that
define methods that, for instance, can be used to read the name and last modification
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