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Later in the code, geoWatchID can be passed as an argument to clearWatch()
to stop the position from updating:
SVG and MathML
SVG and MathML have two totally different purposes, but they have one thing in com-
mon: they are both XML-based languages that can be embedded in HTML5. Scalable
Vector Graphics (SVG) is for describing vector shapes, while Mathematical Markup
Language (MathML) is for describing mathematical notation.
SVG is one half, along with canvas , of the Web's standard imaging options. While
canvas deals well with bitmaps, SVG deals well with vector shapes. It also has built-
in animation capabilities, which would need to be built from scratch in canvas .
The syntax of both is beyond what can be covered here, but being XML-based, they
both look very much like HTML, except with a different set of elements. For example,
the following code shows an HTML page that includes both MathML and SVG to de-
scribe and diagram the trigonometric functions shown in Chapter 7 .
<!DOCTYPE html> <html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>SVG and MathML Demo</title>
<h1>SVG and MathML embedded in an
HTML5 page</h1>
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