HTML and CSS Reference
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HTML5 has turned out. Web developers disillusioned by the confines of XHTML turned
to HTML5 with the hope that it would provide the platform they needed for a new gen-
eration of web applications. Now that it has paved its own path forward, the momentum
to reinvent the Web has brought a whole new palette of possibilities. There is the flex-
ibility of syntax, the new elements, and the multimedia and richness of JavaScript and
CSS features. We've covered a lot, and there is more to come, but for now we've come
to the end of this journey. Let this be the beginning of your exploration. There are many
roads you can take from here, such as delving deeper into mobile development, CSS3,
or the extensive HTML5 APIs. The details of the specifications will no doubt evolve,
because that is the nature of the Web, but the fundamentals of what you learned here and
the concepts behind the components of HTML5 will continue under the same founda-
tion of knowledge, even if there are changes in the syntax in the future. It is time to play
with these technologies and see what is possible in the world of open standards. Go on
and craft pages that are semantically sound and rich in content. Go on and make the Web
a better place.
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