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element, which can then be rearranged by changing the template lettering order. Lastly,
the region layout proposes a means by which content would “flow” from one element
to another when it overflows its bounds. Positioning in CSS has always been a head-
ache, particularly for novice designers, so these new proposals to the specification will
likely empower CSS coders in the same way that HTML5 has provided an explosion of
possibilities for HTML coders (and very likely these two people are one and the same,
so the creative possibilities will likely be dramatically expanded!).
Lastly, it's worth noting some of the new selectors that are defined in the Selectors
Level 4 specification. 6 See Table 8-1 for a list of the upcoming new selectors and a de-
scription of their use. Don't expect these to work in the near future, but down the road
these will likely be supported by your preferred web browser.
5 See .
6 See .
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