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Figure 7-9. The values of the lineCap and lineJoin properties
An area of mathematics that is worth getting your head around when dealing with al-
gorithmically created drawings is trigonometry. Trigonometry is concerned with the
study of the angles and sides of triangles, which is critical for drawing specific points
around a circle. Since the canvas uses a Cartesian coordinate space made up of rows
and columns (the x and y coordinates), finding the x, y coordinates of a point a certain
distance away from another point, when the line of sight between them is slanted, is
not as straightforward as it would be if they were in a horizontal or vertical line from
each other, but finding the point really isn't that much more difficult. All you need is
the angle formed inside a triangle drawn between the two. Once you have that, the
formulas in Figure 7-10 are all you need.
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