HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The difference between setting the color in the color property and the opacity
property is that opacity will affect the whole element (including backgrounds and
borders), while color will affect only the foreground text ( Figure 6-25 ).
Figure 6-25. The color property will affect only an element's contents (top), while the opaque
property will affect the whole element (middle and bottom).
Web typography
If there is anything that is more of a disappointment to those coming from the world of
print design to web design, typography has got to be it. Or rather, it should be said, “was
more of a disappointment,” because the ability to control typography has progressed in
leaps and bounds in CSS3. The available typeface choices are now potentially limitless,
and there are text-level effects that can be applied, such as drop shadows and strokes.
With this power comes the need to not abuse typography, to not lose sight of the purpose
of typography on the page, and to use these effects to help the user process the content
on your page, not to hinder their comprehension.
Web fonts
For years, fonts were something that were referenced in a style sheet, not something that
were downloaded for use by a style sheet. If a particular operating system did not have
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