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meaning as the intensity of the primary colors increases, the color becomes lighter
and lighter (the lightness is added to) until eventually it becomes white. To define
color in a web browser, each primary color is stored in a byte, or 8 bits (8 ones and/or
zeros). Each color component (red, green, and blue) then has the possible values in
the range of 00000000 to 11111111, which is the range 0-255 in decimal. 0 is com-
plete lack of the color, while 255 is the fullest possible intensity of the color. Decimal
is a base-10 counting system, meaning ten digits (including 0) are used before count-
ing moves position. Binary is a base-2 system, meaning only two digits are present
(0 or 1). Base-16, hexadecimal, has 16 digits that can be used to compress a binary
number, such as 1111, into one digit: F. The following table shows the first 16 digits
of each numbering system:
The value 255 in decimal can be represented as 11111111 in binary or FF in hexa-
decimal. Obviously, at two digits long, hexadecimal wins as the most compact rep-
resentation of the number 255. Pure white, which is the combined full intensity of
red, green, and blue, can be represented as red = 255, green = 255, and blue = 255,
or in hexadecimal as red = FF, green = FF, and blue = FF. Condensed all together we
get FFFFFF. Add a hash sign to the beginning, and this is the hexadecimal notation
used for colors on the Web. The range of colors available in this system is 256 × 256
× 256 (or 2563), which equals 16,777,216 possible colors. (256 is used here instead
of 255, because the calculation needs to factor in zero in each color component.)
Note There is a handy color utility named ColorZilla ( )
that integrates into Firefox and provides several features such as an in-browser color
picker, web page color scheme analyzer, and even a tool for creating CSS gradients!
Hexadecimal notation can also represent color using three digits when a digit is re-
peated in each of the color components. So, magenta could also be represented as
#f0f . White, which is #ffffff in hexadecimal, can be optionally shortened to #fff .
#99aaff (a light blue) could be shortened to #9af , and so forth.
It is also possible to use a preset color keyword such as white , black , aquamar-
ine , and so on. While modern web browsers support dozens of keywords for choos-
ing colors, for the sake of consistency stick with precisely defining your colors (through
hexadecimal notation or otherwise) to ensure they are the same as what appear in your
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