HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 6-23. In an additive color model, the primary colors add to the lightness of each other.
Within CSS, color is commonly defined using hexadecimal notation . This notation
breaks the red, green, and blue components of a color into two-digit numbers that togeth-
er result in a six-digit number preceded by a hash sign, in the form #RRGGBB . Called a
hex triplet , each digit pair has the hexadecimal numerical range of 00-FF. For example,
#ff00ff represents full-intensity red and full-intensity blue, without any green. Com-
bined, they produce magenta. If you are unclear of how this sequence of numbers and
letters becomes a color, be sure to read the "How web color values are calculated" side-
bar for more information.
All the colors you see displayed on your screen are composed of the three primary
colors red, green, and blue. As shown in Figure 6-23 , it is an additive color model,
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