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In the eyes of WHATWG, the W3C HTML5 specification (
TR/html5/ ) is a snapshot of the most stable features of the “living specification”
WHATWG is overseeing. This specification is simply named HTML ( ht-
tp:// ). The HTML specification is nested further as a subset
of Web Applications 1.0 ( Figure 1-2 ) , which includes specifications related to web de-
velopment that are separate from HTML, such as Web Workers (concurrent JavaScript
threads), Web Storage (used for storing data in a web application), and others. You can
view the full Web Applications specification at
apps/current-work/complete.html .
Figure 1-2. How HTML/HTML5 fit together
This brings me back to the beginning of this trip through HTML's history. What is
HTML5? Depending on the context:
• It is the most recent version of the HTML specification.
• It is a stable snapshot of an earlier version of the HTML specification.
• It is a label used to describe the contemporary state of open web tech-
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