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As you can see, attribute selectors are not new, but a set of three of them are:
[A^="V"] , [A$="V"] , and [A*="V"] . These will allow you to match an element
that has an attribute value that starts, ends, or contains a particular piece of text. It's
worth pointing out that attribute selectors (any kind), like other selectors, can be chained
together into compound selectors:
a[href][rel] { color:orange; }
This selector would match any anchor element ( a ) that had both the href and rel
attributes set. By including a search pattern for a URL in the href attribute, this could
be narrowed to a specific subset of hyperlink anchors. For example, on my own site,
maybe I want to prefetch pages from my own domain, but I want to style those links
differently than others on the page. I might create a rule like this:
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