HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
CSS3 modules
CSS3 is defined differently than its predecessors. Instead of one monster document cov-
ering the entire specification, CSS3 is broken into dozens of modules that are in vari-
ous states of maturity. This allows self-contained features of CSS to reach maturity
quicker and not be held back by being part of a larger draft document. Table 6-2 lists
a selection of modules from the W3C. This gives you a taste of some of the features
brought into CSS3. You can find the full list of modules at
CSS/current-work .
Using CSS
Now that you have an overview of what CSS3 is from an organizational standpoint, let's
run through its proper use. This may well be familiar to you, and if so, feel free to skip
ahead to the discussion of specific modules in CSS3, but do at least skim over this sec-
tion because there are new aspects to using CSS that have been introduced in CSS3.
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