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titles" srclang="en"
src="trailer_st_en.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="German Subtitles"
src="trailer_st_de.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="French Subtitles"
src="trailer_st_fr.vtt" />
Note There is a proposal under discussion to allow the track element to include
the source element so timed text could be provided in various formats. This would
work as a fallback mechanism for the browsers in the same way it works for video and
audio media.
Encoding audio and video
Encoding media files is a topic that could easily fill a whole book, so I'll just direct you
toward some tools that will help you generate WebM, Ogg, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-4, and
ACC files to work with:
HandBrake : This is an open source transcoder for generating .mp4 files. See .
Firefogg : This is a Firefox extension for performing Ogg encoding. See ht-
tp:// .
FFmpeg : This is a very powerful open source suite of tools that includes a
command-line tool for converting between different media formats. It's used in
other tools, such as Firefogg. See . 15
Miro video converter : This is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop converter for video
formats found on the Web and on mobile devices. It's Mac only, however. See .
VLC : This is a flexible media player that has no problem handling all the web
video and audio formats you may deal with. It features an export wizard for
converting between different formats. See .
Adobe Media Encoder : If you have Adobe software on your computer, you
may have a copy of the Adobe Media Encoder, which can import popular video
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