HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5-2. A complex image map area being drawn using Adobe Dreamweaver
Aside from defining shape coordinates for hotspots, the area element acts very much
like the anchor element ( a ). If an href attribute is defined, the following additional at-
tributes can be defined: target , rel , media , hreflang , and type , which work as
they do on the anchor element ( a ) described in Chapter 3 .
Additionally, the alt attribute should be set on the linked hotspots in the image map
so that it gives a text representation of the link for scenarios where the image in the im-
age map was not viewable.
Embedding other media
HTML5 includes two elements for embedding non-HTML content; that is, content that
can't be handled by an existing HTML element and needs a third-party plug-in to dis-
play, such as Adobe Flash content, which requires the Adobe Flash Player. The two
elements are embed and object . Generally, object would be used over embed
because it is more flexible and can provide fallback content (content that displays in
browsers that don't support the element), but we'll cover them both so you can see the
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