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name="contactpref" checked /></label></p>
Next, a meter gives some indication of how well the paper is staffed at the moment,
with six out of ten staff in the office. We won't speculate how often this meter gets up-
dated, but it is an appropriate element to use here as the number of staff is a known
Finally, like the last form, a submit button appears at the end, and the form is closed:
<p><label>Staff in the office
<meter min="0" value="6" low="2" optimal="9" high="8"
max="10" >6/10</meter>
<button type="submit" name="tipform2">Submit</button>
Page 3, providing confirmation
Submitting the second form brings the user to the acknowledgment page, where the
progress element is updated to its final position, and a short thank-you message is
<p>The tip was successfully received. Thank you!</p>
The resulting page looks like Figure 4-32 .
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