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al algorithms used optional so that the element itself can be supported (for backward
compatibility), but the cryptographic components may be omitted. Whether Microsoft
implements the element under these terms is yet to be seen. Unless you have no other
alternative, you're best to leave keygen alone for the moment until the dust settles.
Note This highlights an all too common problem with standardizing HTML, because
each browser manufacturer may have a vested interest in one implementation over an-
other, leading to either multiple implementations of the same functionality or function-
ality that is not standardized because an agreement can't be reached. This kind of dis-
agreement is what led to video codecs not being standardized in the video element,
which, as you'll see in Chapter 5 , means more than one video file needs to be supplied
to be compatible with all major browsers.
7 IBM publishes a primer on public key encryption that you may want to take a look at to famili-
arize yourself with the concepts: .
Adding structure with fieldsets and labels
The fieldset element allows web authors to divide form controls into thematically
linked sections, making it easier for users to work through the form while also enhancing
accessibility for assistive devices. Most browsers will display a fieldset with a
simple border. For instance, the following markup displays the results shown in Figure
4-28 :
<select name="cheesemenu">
<button type="submit">Submit!</button>
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